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5 mine group: Strive for copper mine of company of Codelco of Chile of more copp
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Although sustain the stand in the way that comes from alliance of Chile home labor, but the effort that 5 mine groups of Chinese did not abandon his striving for resource of more copper mine. It is reported, this China's biggest mining industry trading company, still be in run those who buy equity of copper mine of subordinate of Chile Codelco company actively to trade.
Jiao Jian of general manager of department of business of copper of 5 mine group expresses when accepting a phone to interview on September 2: "We did not abandon this buying a plan, current, we still are undertaking negotiating with Codelco company. Because Chile worker has taller patriotic sentiment, accordingly they buy intention to ours mostly hold resentment. Accordingly they buy intention to ours mostly hold resentment..
5 mine group this supporting a boy or girl friend is a copper mine that the name is Gaby, this copper mine is since 1998 a of Codelco company newest mine, its produce per year a quantity highest can amount to 150 thousand metric ton. Chile labor alliance ever showed, once Codelco company sells the equity of this copper mine to foreign company, so they will hold massive strike. On September 2, chile signs up for El Diario Ceng Zhuanwen greatly, because get the serious interference of Chile labor alliance, of 5 mine group buy a plan to will be forced to go aground.
Be in early 2005, the Codelco company that has Chile country to have powerful connections shows intended share of Gaby copper mine 49% sell 5 mine groups of Chinese. And this year on July 25, the presiding apparitor Jose Pablo Arellano of this company also expresses, the company is expanding actively overseas business, and undertake with the company that comes from China the project cooperates, this is the core component of this strategy. Jiao Jian also expresses: "As strategical partner, 5 mine group and Codelco company are besides Chile still have a lot of collaboration opportunities. " but he also expresses, both sides has not plan to undertake discussion with respect to any specific collaboration.
In going 5 years, international copper mine rose in price 3 times, and the inadequacy as a result of copper mine resource, the opportunity that 5 mine group cannot use Chinese demand to increase quickly undertakes business dilate. And on the other hand, the worker of Latin America country is ceaseless to obtain high salary undertake strike, farther also aggravate the lack of resource of copper mine of 5 mine group.