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Of the model of cable copper bazoo name regulation
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Name principle and case: Of wire cable complete name normally relatively complex, so people uses a simple name sometimes (the name that is a category normally) combinative model standards will substitute complete name, be like " low-pressure cable " all plastic insulation that represent 0.6/1kV step kind power cable.

Of wire cable model music score is relatively perfect, can say, should draw up only the norms of standard type date of wire cable, can make clear particular product, but its complete is naming what kind of?

Of wire cable product name have the following principle:

1, the content that includes in product name

1) product uses circumstance or big group name

Material of 2) product construction or type;

The main feature of 3) product or add feature

Name basically by afore-mentioned order, sometimes to stress important or add feature, write the feature in front or before corresponding structure is described.

2, the order that the structure describes

Product structure description presses from inside the principle outside arriving: Conductor- - > be isolated from- - > inside protect a layer- - > outside protect a layer- - > armored type.

3, simplify in won't cause promiscuous circumstance to fall, some structures describe a province to write or logogram, if do not allow to use aluminous conductor in car line, flexible cord, reason does not depict conductor material.

Case: Rated voltage 8.7/15kV is flame retardant metal strip of insulation of polyethylene of cupreous core cross-linking is armored cable of power of polyvinyl chloride jacket

Rated voltage 8.7/15kV " -- use circumstance / voltage grade

Flame retardant " -- emphasis feature

Cupreous core " -- conductor material

Cross-linking polyethylene is isolated from " -- insulating material

Metal strip is armored " -- armored layer material and type (clearance of double metal strip circles a bag)

Polyvinyl chloride jacket " -- material of jacket of inside and outside (material of jacket of inside and outside is even appearance, the province is written inside jacket material)

Power cable " -- kinds of big name of the product

To it corresponding model is written for ZR-YJV22-8.7/15, of model write a law to see the specification from the back. Of electrical wiring and cable divisional actually, "Electrical wiring " and " cable " do not have strict limit. Count core diameter of little, product normally the product with small, simple structure calls electrical wiring, not was isolated from call bare wire, call cable otherly; Conductor cut area is larger (be more than 6 square millimeter) call big electrical wiring, lesser (be less than or be equal to 6 square millimeter) call small electrical wiring, insulation electrical wiring calls cloth electrical wiring again.

The model composition of wire cable and order are as follows: 1: Fierce?2 of Jiu Zhen ⒂ : Afterwards?3:  ?4: Joke げ ?5: ?6 of Mao solid an ancient small-mouthed wine vessel: ?7 of copy of Ran of Piao げ Qian: Aunt spy?1-5 express with phonetic alphabet with the 7th, high polymer data shows with letter of English name, every can be 1-2 letter; The 6th is 1-3 number.
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