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What dish contains copper
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Food of a few rich coppery, if shrimp, ostracean, jellyfish, fish, yoke, liver, tomato, legume reachs nutlet,wait. Food wants chew, with the benefit absorption at copper, do not eat or eat the food that has made choice less. In the meantime, do not take vitamin C instantly after the meal, because vitamin C is met,hamper cupreous absorption.

The food with the more element that contain copper has rice of pork, pork liver, sesame seed, soya bean, spinach, shepherd's purse, aubergine, wheaten, paddy, milk to wait, right amount eat these some of food to be able to complement copper coin element.

Pork liver contains copper the quantity is highest, every 1000 grams contain copper 25 milligram, eat 100 grams pork liver to be able to achieve demand everyday

1) copper participates in hematopoiesis process, the absorption that affected iron, carry and use. Copper promotes iron to enter marrow, quicken haemoglobin synthesis. Without copper, iron cannot be delivered, iron cannot be united in wedlock in haemoglobin, red blood cell also cannot mature. Contain in food when zinc, copper, mercuric, silver is overmuch, can hamper cupreous absorption. When manganese is right amount use and absorb of ameliorable copper.
2) collagen albumen is a kind of protein with human body most content, it is the main component of human body connective tissue, it is skeletal core material. Collagen protein resembles is a few fine cord twist a bundle euqally, make collagen fiber.

When collagen fiber is formed, must be between interior of collagen albumen element or element cross-linking rises, ability is tough and strong, strong be able to bear or endure pull. Reaction of this kind of cross-linking must call lysine oxidation by a kind enzymatic catalysis reacts ability is finished. This is enzymatic it is metal of a kind of coppery enzymatic, must have sufficient cupreous ability to act well. After entering old age, if copper is lacked in food, can appear osteoporosis, tooth falls off, the symptom such as bone of the caustic that hurt muscle.

The copper in human body serum almost 80 % in albumen of consist in coverlet. Coverlet albumen is a kind of coppery oxidation is enzymatic, it can oxidize the phenol inside body kind, fat kind with vitamin C, can make diatomic iron turns into tervalent iron, make facilitate carry inside body, be in charge of the second birth of cellular pigment, assure to enough energy produces inside the cell thereby. If the person of get on in years is short of copper, can cause cellular energy in short supply, occurrence energy shortage, walking flabby, motion is maladjusted reach thinking is slow wait for a symptom