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Copper reachs copper alloy
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One, pure copper

Pure copper is rosy lubricious metal, purple is shown after the surface forms oxidation copper film, reason industry pure copper often weighs red copper or cathode copper. Density is 8-9g/cm3, melting point 1083 ° C. Pure copper conductivity is very good, a large number of at making electrical wiring, cable, brush wait using; Thermal conductivity is good, commonly used the magnetics instrument that will make beard antimagnetic sex disturb, appearance, wait like appearance of compass, aviation; Plasticity is wonderful, easily hot pressing and cold forming, can make canal, club, line, , belt, board, the cupreous material such as foil. Pure copper product has smelt to taste reach treatment to taste two kinds.

2, copper alloy

(1) brass

It is the alloy of copper and zinc brassily. The simplest brass is copper -- alloy of zincic n duality, call simple brass or common brass. The content of the zinc in changing brass can get the brass of different and mechanical function. The content of the zinc in brass is higher, its intensity is higher also, plasticity is a bit low. The brass that uses in industry contains zincic quantity not to exceed 45% , the volume that contain zinc will produce brittleness again high, make alloy function addle.

To improve some kind of brass performance, the brass that adds other alloying element on a yuan of brass foundation calls special brass. Commonly used alloying element has silicon, aluminous, stannum, lead, manganese, iron and nickel to wait. Succumb in what aluminium adds to be able to raise brass in brass intensity and corrosion resistance, reduce plasticity a bit. Contain aluminium to be less than the brass of 4% to have favorable treatment, cast wait for integral performance. The stannum of 1% is added to be able to improve the brass ability that fights seawater and marine atmospheric corrosion t significantly in brass, because this is called " naval brass " . Stannum still can improve brass cutting to machine function. The main purpose that increases lead brassily is improvement cutting processability and raise wearability, lead is not big to brass strength effect. Manganese brass has good machine function, thermal stability and the sex that fight corrode; Aluminium is added in manganese brass, return the performance that can improve it, receive the cast with bright and clean surface. Can divide brassily mix to cast forming two kinds of products. The chemical composition with commonly used brass treatment.

(2) bronze

Bronze is a kind of alloy with the earliest application on the history, point to cupreous tin alloy formerly, because color shows green gray, friend says bronze. To improve the technical properties of alloy and mechanical performance, other alloying element still is added inside major bronze, wait like lead, zinc, phosphor. Because stannum is a kind rare lack an element, a lot of bronze do not have stannum that do not contain stannum still are used on industry so, they not only low-cost, still have the special type property of a need. The bronze that do not have stannum basically has aluminous bronze, beryllium bronze, manganese bronze, silicon bronze to wait. Still have 3 component is relatively complex yuan in addition or 4 black copper. Eliminate brass and copper-nickel alloy now (cupreous nickel alloy) the copper alloy beyond all calls bronze.
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