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Why be cathode copper?
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Of copper electroanalysis extract: blister copper (contain copper 99 % ) make beforehand thick board as positive pole, pure copper makes chip make negative electrode, with vitriolic (H2SO4) and bluestone (the mix up fluid of CuSO4) serves as electrolyte. After electrify, copper dissolves from positive pole copper is ionic (Cu) moves to cathode, the electron is obtained after arriving at cathode and in pure copper of cathode separate out (also weigh cathode copper) . If the impurity in blister copper compares the meeting such as the iron that brass or copper fittings spills and zinc to dissolve together along with copper for ion (Zn and Fe) . Because these ion and cupreous ion compare not easy separate out, when electroanalysising so, should adjust appropriately only voltage can avoid these ion to be on positive pole separate out. Wait for deposit to be in like Jin Heyin than the impurity with dead copper the bottom of electrobath.

Produce manufacturing copper so, call " cathode copper " , quality is extremely high, can use make electric product.

Precipitation is called bottomly in electrobath " zincous mud " , bullion is contained a lot ofinside, it is very precious, take out rework to have extremely high economy value.

Go further cathode copper treatment, can make consummate be extremely fine cathode copper pink.

Cathode copper pink shows powder of shape of branch of shallow marvellous mangrove, oxidize easily in humid air place, can dissolve at heat vitriolic or nitric acid.
Utility of cathode copper pink:
Use extensively at diamond tool, electric carbon products, grind material, goods of metallurgy of powder of etc of electric printing ink