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Copper is basic common sense
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One, natural attribute
Copper is one of old metals that the mankind discovers the earliest, it is early more than 3000 years ago the mankind begins to use copper.
Metallic copper, elemental symbol Cu, atomic weight 63.54, specific gravity 8.92, melting point 1083 ℃ . Pure copper is shown shallow auroral or damask, after the surface forms oxidation copper film, the exterior shows red copper scene. Copper has a lot of commendable physico-chemical character, exemple if thermal conductance and electrical conductivity are very tall, chemical stability is strong, fight Zhang Jiang to spend big, yi Rong is received, the sex that fight corrode, plasticity, extend a gender. Pure copper can pull very fine copper silk, make very thin Copper Foil. Can form alloy with the metal such as zinc, stannum, lead, manganese, cobaltic, nickel, aluminous, iron.

The development of cupreous smelt technology experienced lengthy process, but up to now cupreous smelt still is given priority to with igneous law smelt, its crop occupies the 85 % of world copper total output about.

1) igneous law smelt is commonly will contain copper first hundred or the raw ore stone of thousand, raise 20 one 30 % through mineral separation, regard copper as concentrate, in airtight blast furnace, reverberator, electric stove or show fast furnace to undertake building combing fusion, yielding frit combs (matte) send converter to undertake blowing becomes blister copper then, take off through oxidation fine inside another kind of reverberator again miscellaneous, or casting undertakes electroanalysising into in relief plate, obtain grade to be as high as 99. The cathode copper of 9 % . This flow brief, adaptability is strong, of copper reclaim rate can amount to 95 % , but because the sulfur in ore is in,build mill and blowing two phase regard waste gas of 2 oxidation sulfur as eduction, reclaim not easily, easy cause pollution. The law of 3 water chestnut that if silver law, Nuo orchid amounts to the bath fusion such as the law and Japan,appears in recent years, igneous law smelt gradually to change continuously, automation develops.

2) contemporary and wet smelt has sulphation roast---> soak---> electrodeposition, soak---> extractive---> electrodeposition, the law such as bacterial soak, comfortable at low grade the copper mine of answer mine, oxidation, caboodle dip that contains copper to abandon ore, groove dip is chosen or soak of on the spot. Wet smelt technology is being popularized stage by stage, end can amount to predicting this century 20% of total output, wet the pushs copper of be sent on a diplomatic mission smelt cost of smelt is reduced greatly.

2, copper and cupreous product classification

1, classification of configuration of the existence in pressing nature

Natural copper--------Cupreous content is in 99 % above, but reserve is few;
Oxidation copper mine------Amount to is not much also
Vulcanization copper mine------The amount that contain copper is extremely small, be in commonly 2, 3 % left and right sides, the copper of above of on the world 80 % comes out from fine of vulcanization copper mine.
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