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Copper alloy is basic knowledge
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It is the alloy that matrix joins a kind or place of a few kinds of other elements makes with pure copper. Pure copper shows amaranth, and weighs red copper again. Pure copper density is 8.96, melting point is 1083 ℃ , and has admirable conductivity ﹑ thermal conductivity ﹑ to extend gender and be able to bear or endure corrode sex. Basically use at making solar energy of the electrical engineering equipment such as transformer of ﹑ of device of switch of ﹑ of cable of ﹑ of dynamo ﹑ generatrix and ﹑ of conduit of heat exchanger ﹑ add the flat thermal collector of shrinkage fitting buy to wait for heat conduction equipment. Commonly used copper alloy cent is copper-nickel alloy of ﹑ of brass ﹑ bronze 3 kinds big.

Make the copper alloy that basically adds an element with zinc brassily, and have beautiful yellow, brass of a general designation. Alloy of cupreous zinc n duality weighs common brass or weigh simple brass. The brass of 3 yuan of above says special brass or weigh complex brass. Contain zinc low comprise by solid solution at the brass alloy of 36 % , have good cold working performance, if and contain zinc the brass of 30 % is commonly used will make cartridge case, common calls cartridge case brass or 73 brass. Contain zinc to be in the yellow copper alloy between 42 % of 36 ~ by comprise with solid solution, among them the most commonly used is to contain zinc the 64 brass of 40 % . To improve the performance of common brass, Chang Tian adds other element, lead of ﹑ of silicon of ﹑ of stannum of ﹑ of manganese of ﹑ of nickel of the ﹑ that and is like aluminium. The intensity ﹑ hardness that aluminium can raise brass and be able to bear or endure corrode sex, but makes plasticity is reduced, etc of canal of condensation of comfortable collaboration seagoing vessel is able to bear or endure corrode spare parts. The strength that stannum can increase brass and to seawater be able to bear or endure corrupt sex, friend says naval brass, use as facilities of shipping hot industry and airscrew. The cutting function ﹔ that lead can improve brass brass of this kind of easy cutting often uses as horological spare parts. Brass cast is commonly used will make valve and conduit fittings wait.

Bronze points to cupreous tin alloy formerly. The copper alloy beyond brass ﹑ copper-nickel alloy is eliminated after all weigh bronze, often is before bronze name coronal with the first the name that basically adds an element. Of stannic bronze it is good to cast function of function ﹑ anti-friction as good as mechanical function, suit to wait at gear of ﹑ of worm wheel of production bearing ﹑. Plumbic bronze is the bearing data that contemporary engine and grinder use extensively. Aluminous bronze intensity is high. Wearability and be able to bear or endure corrode sex is good, the ﹑ of gear ﹑ axle sleeve that builds Gao Zaihe with Wu Zhu is marine airscrew. Beryllium bronze and the stretch limit of phosphorous bronze are tall. Conductivity is good. Comfortable at production nicety bedspring and report contact component. Beryllium bronze still uses oil depot of production colliery ﹑ to wait for the use gardener that do not have fire to provide.
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