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Walk out of the 5 big errors that cupreous smelt knows
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To cupreous smelt industry new round of dilate, people is having different understanding and judgement, although give no cause for more criticism, but a few crucial questions must clarify.

The first, build cupreous smelt project and can not alleviate breach of demand of our country copper.

The personage thinks, copper is the metal that our country is in short supply for a long time, nonexistent surplus problem, ability of construction copper smelt still can make full use of resource of foreign mineral products, because this should be not restricted,go up cupreous smelt project. I think this kind of viewpoint is one-sided. Indeed, we are short of copper really, with was 2004 exemple, total consumption of our country copper 4.5 million tons, mine is produced and abandon through oneself among them miscellaneous reclaiming cupreous output only 1 million tons, occupy 22% , the others is 3.5 million tons to pass entrance copper concentrate, blister copper, useless miscellaneous copper, cathode copper and cupreous material to satisfy domestic requirement. Build cupreous smelt business, itself is not production copper, just machine cupreous concentrate cathode copper. So, build cupreous smelt project, can turn our country into pair of copper the demand of concentrate to the demand of cathode copper only, changed the structure that imports cupreous series product merely, with raising our country to copper is made the same score from water supply and have nothing to do is.

2 it is cupreous price steeps fall happen possibly at any time. Review the history, price of international market copper reached 2700 dollars on average 1992, achieve the history highest, hind slow drop to be controlled to the 1600 dollars 1999, be in all the time till 2003 low-level wander. 2004, spurt in prices arrives average 2865 dollars, average first half of the year this year 3328 dollars, price of merchandise on hand of the middle ten days of a month reached 4300 dollars for a time in November, cathode copper price blazes new trails repeatedly tall, the price and value deviate from badly. But copper is supplied do not be in short supply, cupreous price steeps fall happen likely at any time. Once cupreous price fall after a rise, reduction of output of hill of foreign copper mine, in us the circumstance of dilate of cupreous smelt ability falls, the contradiction with cupreous smelt excess capacity can be exposed come out, electroanalysis the tragedy of aluminous industry can repeat in cupreous smelt industry. Become devoir analyse from cupreous production, abroad ton synthesis of cupreous put together restrains 1800 dollars originally, although on the low side of grade of our country copper mine, cost is higher, but also make an appointment with 20 thousand yuan or so only. The sudden huge profits of cupreous industry, be head and shoulders above reasonable level, adumbrative cupreous price accumulate containing huge risk.

3 it is advanced tooling differs to be polluted at doing not have. Somebody thinks cupreous smelt technology is mature now, environmental protection issue is nonexistent. This also is incorrect. Do not deny some closer year come to our country level of cupreous smelt technology has very big rise, environmental protection level is improved. But itself of cupreous smelt industry affects larger trade to the environment namely, copper still discharges the 2 oxidation sulfur of certain amount in smelt process, although the most advanced copper smelt is mixed,make acerbity technology, of sulfur use a level also only 98% the left and right sides, backward be in even 95% the following. So, environmental protection amounts to mark to differ to be polluted at doing not have, we should examine environmental protection issue with scientific development view.
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