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The smelt of copper cash
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1. Brief introduction: Copper makes the first selection in electron and power industry domain and main material with its good electric conduction and heat conduction ability. To reach the performance level of a requirement, the use copper that is tall purity almost. This article basically discussed the matter that becomes so, still paid close attention to a few basic smelt principles particularly at the same time. Its purpose is to should be aimed at the past 10 years the relevant development in copper cash domain spreads out farther discussion.

2. Conductor requirement:

Explaining precious metal in recent years (namely copper, silver and gold) tremendous progress had been obtained on electronic attribute. These elements showed very high electric performance, do not have what resistance almost to the motion of electric field because of their electric electron. Copper especially a kind of admirable conductor, because there is very large free space between the electron of periphery most, as a result at won't producing any collision. And the space with its resistor as ample as this rate becomes inverse ratio.

Have a few kinds of electric metals lighter than copper, but the electricity that carries as much, the cross section that they ask is larger, so if ask the word of managing space, these metals cannot be extracted. (for example: In motor of a few small-sized electric power) . Should overweight so when becoming an issue, people begins to use aluminium. The best function feature that copper has commercial application place to need, because this is silver-colored,be not used because of its high price.

3. Application:

Copper is with its pure form is not alloy form and one of rare metal that have the most extensive use. The smallest content of the copper in having more than 50 kinds of different v alloy about is 99.3% , although have one fraction only,use as on industry conductance body. The most commonly used in these low alloy is to electroanalysis copper of pliable but strong, it is formed by the metal of this purity, this kind of metal can form alloy inside the limits of 100-650ppm with oxygen. But do not use ETP copper in proposal of the people in hydric environment, because be exposed when it,can get at these temperature hydrogen is fragile cracked influence. Below such environment, or uses the copper that do not have oxygen, or uses copper of the electron that do not have oxygen. Voltage of the power source in the copper that contain silver implement medium application is quite finite, because it has higher intensity and weaker resistance when temperature rises.

4. The production of cupreous club and copper cash:

20 centuries before seventies, almost all copper are to pass minute of production that approve a law, group by group the concrete step of the law is: Will molten copper is pouring caky become be called " wire bar " special type ingot, heat the club again in the protective atmosphere that is restricted a little next, be in after that the form that the tree shape structure that in air lieutenant general through hot pressing law this casts decomposes a club. Next, put in its in of 10% vitriolic in will keep clear of the oxide above, receive through be opposite one aspect of the matter form longer coil in another end. Now, actually all cupreous bars are made with rolling program through be being cast continuously. The advantage that casts continuously is: The lesser foreign matter small depart, cupreous oxide grain that reduced the surface, in the process that contacts with roller steel content decreases, shunned all welding line almost, reduced whole finished cost.
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