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Copper -- a kind of durable metal
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Everybody knows copper is a kind of gules metal, also be metal of a kind of green at the same time. Say it is green metal, because it is durable,basically be, dissolve easily again, again smelt, reclaim consequently it is cheap to use photograph place. 1997, what machine from the United States is drossy in reclaimed 1.45 million tons of copper, also be in same year the United States still was exported 379, 000 tons copper and copper alloy. The gross of primary essence copper that the United States extracts from inside domestic mineral resources and foreign raw material 20 tons. About of 2/3 contain copper drossy it is new drossy, and 1/3 is old drossy.

Copper is quite durable. It has conductivity, won't be corroded as the elapse of time normally or worsen. Consequently copper often is used at producing service life to compare chief product. 42% what bldg. occupied wastage of copper of complete United States about to cupreous wastage 1997, grow 22% than 1960. The past also is compared 50 years to cupreous use in the home now or 100 years ago apparent increase.

An architectural infrastructure can expand or modern, but the home is resided or the copper cash in the office, copper pipe and brass fittings need to replace scarcely. Because cupreous service life is longer, and the place in household is included copper should compare what what in building a structure now, include to want little, be built so and have only in construction industry a few copper is drossy.

To building copper cash, copper pipe and cupreous fittings, of old copper bits reclaim rate (namely the uses up gross ratio of the wastage of old copper bits and copper) be being compared with steel, aluminium and plastic photograph is lower. Its reason is the product that pack (it is steel, aluminium and plastic main terminal user) the cycle that is as long as a few weeks only, can reclaim many times inside a year. But tell from another angle, copper makes a product average service life is longer. This affected the supply that uses the cupreous bit that controls back and forth.

In 20 centuries 60 time, the use market with the biggest copper is electric equipment and electronic market, 28% what hold sum total about. 1997, these two markets become the user of the 2nd old terminal that copper uses up, own the share of 25% . In a lot of electric equipment products, (for example: Winding of electrical wiring, generatrix, transformer, heavy-duty motor, line and phone cable) cupreous service life comparatives the ground is long, pass only 20 after arriving 50 years, the copper inside just can undertake reclaiming using. Other coppery electric equipment and electronic product (for instance: Small-sized electric equipment and consumptive electron product) service life is briefer, it is 5-10 commonly year. Commerciality electron product and product of large electric equipment want to reclaim normally, because they are divided,contain copper beyond, still have other and precious metal. Nevertheless, of diminutive electron consumer goods reclaim to lead or comparative low, because there is element of how many copper almost inside them.
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