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Copper is building medium application
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1 . Introduce: Copper of our setting " is building medium applied " this one project basically is to be mixed to architect, contractor possessory mix in design, installation technical support and educational support are provided when defending building copper product. This one project is CDA, CCBDA and its member be designed for North America and maintain a kind omnibus a when boost service and resource long-term commitment. This one project aims to be in to stimulate copper next the newer, more radical application in a few years. Association can be offerred all sorts of education and boost a service, publicize these utility to the people that enters program, design and construction activity. The immediate profit of this one project includes: To the building mass organizations is offerred support about using any program projects of copper or copper alloy product or the education that have a project, technology and design. These services undertake conduct propaganda with the publication, report, form that discuss and trains a program.
2. The common problem about building copper product: Copper and the copper that often are used are familial (brass and bronze) had had use history of hundreds of years. They are the oldest metal familial one of. During this in, people raised a lot of questions to this one metal, also undertook to this much research works at the same time. CDA already collect these problems.
From where can * get designing technical knowledge about copper?
CDA builds district director to be able to help you with a variety of forms, include: Indoor discussion, examine and verify of project design support, file, norms examine and verify and contractor are recommended.
The biology that what is cupreous norms uses * quality?
CDA had published 5 sections with the format of AIA Masterspec the content about building copper norms. Consult please " construction standards of copper "
Can the verdigris that * nature appears use artificial and chemical content to quicken?
Because accurate temperature, humidity and chemistry ask, do not think copper can pass artificial means to produce verdigris in some area commonly. However, the verdigris that also has use of a few spots makes a system ahead of schedule, these systems, through proper training, had proved to succeed quite. There are such a few sheet coppers to produce business in the United States now, they basically are the verdigris that offers factory and spot use below pilot condition makes a system ahead of schedule. Use the chemical course result that wins patent at obtaining to assure extensively, genuine verdigris chemistry changes coating in, verdigris arose.
How can the primary colors of * copper just prevent decency after installation?
Neither one protection system prevents cupreous decency OK and permanently. Have a few transparent coat, can provide short-term protection to exterior applying, provide long-term protection for interior application. CDA just finished to be opposite all sorts of according with VOC federal standard is transparent of coating detect the job.
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