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Copper is in the action in human body health
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Came 100000, worldwide inside in the pharmacopoeia that the copper of countless copper compound and other form is used at doctors. A few articles that act well in human body health about copper are below. Ceaseless research and experiment will prove copper is in the past, mix with prospective effectiveness now value.

Is there copper in my medicine chest?

By William H.Dresher, ph.D compose

Tell from physiological angle, copper is a kind of very important tantalum, because of 1 ) the plant of all animals needs it to a future life is put and have normal physiology function; 2) it cannot be formed naturally inside body, must be obtained through food. In addition, the research that having makes clear: Copper is normal metabolic place not only must, also be a when treat a lot of diseases main factor at the same time.

You realize or did not realize no matter, copper has become a member in your medicine chest probably. The form that copper is there is the vitamin that eats with you and the mineral additive that mineral complement expects appears. A lot of these mineral and additional material, the mineral complement that uses for the old person only especially expects, contain the copper of 2.5 milligram. This amount is the cupreous volume that the adult that the country studies to committee sets needs everyday. Additional material can be in the food that contain copper healthy food store is bought with the form of a variety of organic complexing content, also be called sometimes " chela closes matter " .

However, besides common food complement, your medicine chest probably the day can be full of some to contain cupreous remedy with what will treat a variety of diseases.

The history that copper is used at medicaments to already had more than 1000 years -- very apparent, began before from historical record. The ancients of no less than extracts medicaments active from inside the plant compound is same, they also close matter from metallization in (be like: Copper, manganese and zinc) extract medicaments. In ancient time, copper because its are extremely strong cure ability and very useful -- advocate if because it is in,be treated,have in cut and skin disease very strong fight bacterium and fight fungus ability. Now, it is treating disease of many internal medicine (for example: Arthritis of sex of anaemic, cancer, rheumatism, apoplectic with heart disease) medium effect already got more and more extensive approbate. Besides, current research also confirmed the copper that absorbs daily to having very main effect in prevent and reducing a disease. This research can spread out, advocate if result from,people had farther knowledge in the action inside human body to copper, realize it is the main microelement that a kind of health grows and place of normal physiology function needs.

Copper uses in archaic medicine road:

Use road account the earliest about cupreous medicine at Smith Papyrus, this is up to now one of the oldest books. Papyrus is one is written at BC to was mixed 2600 the medical article between 2200, account copper ever was used to disinfection of the injury that it is a bosom, for drinking water antiseptic. Other about copper the account of inchoate medicine utility is being written at the Christian era also can find in the Ebers Papyrus 1500. Ebers Papyrus account the medical knowledge that be reached in Gu Ai before a few centuries and uses in other culture. The compound cure that people suggests to use copper has a headache, limb asp, burn, itching and cervical a few tumour, a few the likelihood is furuncle only. Use at curative copper to have varied form, have metallic copper lobation and cut piece, also have the oxide of various cupreous salt and copper. "Green element " what point to probably is malachite this kind of ore, this is a kind of carbonate of copper; It is probable also be silicon malachite, a kind of silicate of copper; Perhaps become copper is cruel a kind of chloride of the copper that forms at brine is medium. In discipline of generation of the Christian era, dioscorides described the production methods of element of another kind of green in his book De Material Medica, it is called " green copper " , it is to pass metallic copper cruel the acetic vapour at boil is medium and those who form. In this one process, formed glaucous cupreous acetate in cupreous surface. Besides other utility, verdigris and blue vitriol (cupreous sulfate) still use at treating ophthalmic disease, be like: The eye has hematic silk, eye infection or inside punch-drunk, eye adipose (trachoma) with cataract.
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