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About cupreous technology and standard
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1, exploitation and mineral processing: The United States' inchoate cupreous industry production basically centers Sino-US country western (Arizona, utah, new Mexico, montana, and Alaska) , the copper at that time contains copper mine substance to produce those who be confined to exploitation to abound. Of law of floatation of 19 centuries evening introduce can let people from low copper of the extraction in qualitative spot shape ore and other metal (include Jin Heyin) . In 20 centuries 80 time metaphase, factory of a mining introduced a kind tremendous, the carriage system with very expensive efficiency.

2. Show fast fusion: The eletroplated to raise smeltery successfully with fusion technology productivity of ceaseless improvement and productivity, return at the same time more and more get used to harsher environment to restrict.  

3. Electroanalysis fine: In 10 years of in the past, a lot of refinery are used electroanalysis fine law replaced what make by stainless steel or titanium with traditional copper only then extremely piece. Deposit copper is cut through using check machine or with bending of gas blowout only way and stainless steel or titanium only then extremely piece detached. Because was introduced in electrobath, the automatic processing technology of negative pole report, because this is managing also much labor power works.
4. Solvent extraction: Traditional vulcanization ore needs to pass abrade, fusion and fine commonly. The extraction of solvent needs to be machined with inferior value low qualitative oxide mine. In the first phase (filter takes stage) , acidity trash (rare vitriolic) by swing equipment of stage, drip irrigation or tank car (bird signing up for rain) be distributinged to be on 60 feet tall mineral caboodle layer, when its infiltration, it can pile through deliquescent copper and filter go out. Of these coppery water and circumfuse filter solution is from mineral caboodle bottom is poured out of, next again infuse in an integrated cistern, from this integrated cistern, it is smoked again solution abstracts a factory. Of this kind of circumfuse filter solution next again with what use abstraction copper technically, the kerosene solution interblend that contains substance of a kind of organic chemistry closes. This kind contains organic material of copper, also call organic load content, contain copper with what one kind is called electrolyte or contain aqueous solution again next vitriolic interblend closes. In the process that mix and precipitates, copper by change in hydrous solution from organic solution, use through filtering to be smoked again next electroanalysis of metallurgy law electroanalysis in the room.   

5. Electroanalysis metallurgy law: In electroanalysis in the process of metallurgy, in be just like the process that refines in report same, the copper that extracts from inside electrolyte wants to store 7 days, place cupreous negative pole again next only then extremely piece or stainless steel master. Positive electricity is made by lead extremely. After 10 days, the copper that hefted 1.7bs(7.7 gram about every before only then extremely piece became copper to pledge, the negative electrode that weight amounts to 200bs(90.8 to overcome. The cathode copper negative pole that produces accords with the requirement of ASTM B115, about electroanalysising the specific norms of negative pole copper and electric energy copper trades in world metal have on the market trade.   
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