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China Minmetals signed with the wave of copper electrolytic copper annual procu
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In early November, the Polish capital Warsaw, gold encrusted trees, red, yellow leaves covered with earth. Zhou Zhongshu, president of China Minmetals Group, China Minmetals Corporation, led the delegation accompanied by CPPCC Chairman Jia Qinglin of Poland into the Line of the successful visit. Jia Qinglin, Chairman of the Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Polish sides Pawlak more than 100 business representatives attended the breakfast meeting Polish entrepreneurs, Zhou president delivered a speech on behalf of Chinese entrepreneurs. President Zhou Said that China Minmetals Group's cooperation with the Polish Copper has thirteen years. In the Polish government's strong support of the two countries, through joint efforts, China Minmetals total imports from Poland, 560,000 tons of electrolytic copper Copper Company The total value of about 24 billion U.S. dollars, for the stable and healthy development of China's national economy has provided an important raw material, to ease the trade imbalance situation in Poland has made outstanding contributions. The international financial crisis, China Minmetals is not only strong Support to fulfill the long-term import contracts, but also to overcome difficulties, and increase procurement from Poland and other EU countries, the intensity of copper products, and steady growth for two consecutive years. This not only highlighted the high degree of responsibility of China Minmetals, deep Interpretation of the all-weather moment the true meaning of partnership, while also fully demonstrates that, despite the international financial crisis has suffered a huge impact, but as a responsible world power, the world's largest copper consumer market Field, the Chinese government and Chinese enterprises and opening up policy has always been placed on the market an extremely important position, no matter how volatile the market, we will not engage in trade protectionism, the performance will not forget our responsibilities. In the ensuing The ceremony, Zhou Bo, president and chairman of copper, Mr. Witte electrolytic copper in 2011 signed annual procurement contracts. Chairman Jia Qinglin and Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Pawlak, attended the signing ceremony. In the afternoon, Chairman Jia Qinglin met at their hotels Poland Chinese, overseas Chinese and Chinese business representatives standing, embassy staff, pointed out that his meeting with Polish President, Prime Minister and other leaders met with Speaker of the House and Senate When repeatedly stressed that the two sides adhere to free trade, oppose trade protectionism and the importance of, and in particular to the leaders of Poland introduced the visit, China Minmetals an annual contract for the purchase of the Polish side conditions of products $ 700,000,000 Situation. Zhou Zhongshu president in Warsaw during the wave of copper also held talks with Chairman Witt. The two sides of the next five years to discuss long-term purchase contracts are about to enter the final phase. Ma Jun, director of the company office, the Deputy Officers later Daqian, Jiao Jian, general manager of Minmetals Nonferrous, Zhao Yong, deputy general manager, general manager of copper, accompanied by Zhou Gu Liangmin president visited Poland.