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Xiao Yaqing: In asset of aluminous company copper will appear on the market alon
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According to daily of the first finance and economics the in pairs of sales volume of message aluminous product and price dropped on September 2, bring about home Inc. of aluminous course of study of China of business of production of the biggest alumina (next weighing " in aluminous " , 601600.SH) net first half of the year gain drops greatly 65.56% , yesterday (1 day) , aluminous president holds president Xiao Yaqing concurrently to accept in " daily of the first finance and economics " disclose when the special interview, alumina of second half of the year and electroanalysis aluminous product still has the possibility that continues to drop, aluminium is in in aggrandizement aluminous course of study while, also be in extend the nonferrous metal resource such as copper, titanium. Leave cupreous capital fund to the banner at present run direction to already decided, appear on the market cupreous business alone.
At present in aluminium already had industry of industry of copper of Yun Tong, Shanghai, Peruvian copper to wait for many copper to process a project, on August 28, copperplate of high accuracy of aluminous big smelt metal takes product line of project main body to hold trial production ceremony in. Xiao Yaqing tells a reporter, aluminous itself should develop aluminous course of study to swim up and down in industrial catenary.

Aluminous city of second half of the year still may glide
Yesterday, xiao Yaqing expresses, the United States second borrow the crisis, dollar to devalue wait for your company operation external environment produces bigger change, the part of the company produces establishment stop production and product to carry suffocate suffocate. "Price of alumina of second half of the year still can have low tendency, it is OK to also want the alumina that looks to already passed remnant at present to produce nevertheless release entirely, and electroanalysis aluminous price is in 18000~20000 yuan / ton between wave motion is bigger, electroanalysis at present aluminium also has produce the pressure that can release, advocate if the price is low,confuse the pressure that rises ceaselessly with electric power cost, because this price is possible also,get cost drive and rise. Because this price is possible also,get cost drive and rise..
The aluminium in second half of the year will accelerate bauxite development, reduce entrance bauxite cost. The aluminium in first half of the year gets bauxite mining industry to counterpoise 7, bauxite resource 10 million tons, add newly gather bauxite capability oneself 3.42 million tons. "At present the bauxite development of the company basically is in and other places of Guangxi, Chongqing, Henan, second half of the year is met to next year in succession 70 % control go into operation. " Xiao Yaqing says.
In addition, aluminium is in in the mineral products that project of Ao Lukun bauxite already obtained local state government to give out develops disease, project feasibility considers to spread out in the round. Xiao Yaqing discloses, this project and include project of Peruvian copper mine to welcome co-worker, no matter be of international or home, at present in aluminium already was in with a few companies talk things over.
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