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Cloud copper smelt is machined board piece administrative butt joint spreads out
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Came 23 days on August 21, machine Zhang Bangqi of total factory assistant factory director, Chen Zhongliang by company smelt, the total factory group that chief engineer Dai Gongkun heads a group 27 administrator, according to company demand, the nonferrous metal in heading for another name for Yunnan Province is finite liability company (the coloured in another name for Yunnan Province of the following abbreviation) , industry of easy door copper limited company (industry of copper of easy door of the following abbreviation) He Kai tells nonferrous metal limited company (the following abbreviation triumphant connect coloured) , the administrative butt joint that has the side such as production, technology, plan. Attend this second butt joint still have group and joint-stock company the leader of relevant section. Company smelt is machined board piece administrative butt joint spreads out in the round from this.
Machine to smelt to come true board piece comprehensive and effective control of production, ensure company valve accuses mode to adjust see favorable effect, total factory of treatment of company demand smelt and smelt treatment board piece 4 smeltery are in the others the implementation on management is not had seam a butt joint, manage efficiency with rising considerably, accelerate velocity of flow of iformation flow, content shedding, capital to spend, benefit of whole of stimulative smelt enterprise promotes. For this, smelt machined total factory to assemble the force of a batch of skeletons that runs a system, include total plant office, production ministry of ministry of technical ministry, safe environmental protection, handling of goods, equipment government department, engineering department, examine the controller of the branch such as ministry, financial department and relevant staff member, after beginning to accuse mode to adjust from cloud copper pipe, be opposite of company smelt enterprise first extensive management butt joint. Personnel of total factory butt joint knew line of business of copper of the coloured in another name for Yunnan Province, easy door on the spot, triumphant connect coloured to produce the spot, with respect to the branch flow of function of setting, job, work, machining complex, working procedure is installed, tentative plan of state of affairs of equipment circumstance, government, development, undertook with relevant section, relevant professional many sided job communicates respectively, go up in order to promote both sides to join to be made with harmonious carry further in production, technology, management, advance smelt to machine board piece the science management with final unified, harmonious, economy, efficient implementation.