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Cloud copper group can manage to cool hill disaster area contribution 1 million
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Seismic callosity, the world has love. 3 days afternoon at 4 o'clock half, aluminous company look forward to provides general manager of group of copper of department head Wang Chunsheng, cloud in general manager of finite liability company opens mining industry of Yang Chao, cool hill the industry leader such as Ying Hua, company of mining industry of cool hill of group of copper of cloud of company of the aluminium in the delegate extends aid to disaster area of meeting manage earthquake, contribution 1 million yuan of RMBs.
City appoint members of standing committee, city appoint secretary-general Kang Jun, deputy sheriff Da Jiumu armour and Hu Kun of secretary of meeting manage county Party committee, leader of first-class city county is in prefectural Li Ning the meeting that is located in Li Xi of meeting manage county to press down manages " 8.3 " the love that headquarters of aseismatic front providing disaster relief accepted this boiling hot.
As we have learned, finite liability company is located in cool hill mining industry meeting manage county, subject in group of copper of aluminous company cloud. After seismic happening, this group high level pays close attention to seismic the situation of a disaster very, victim of thorough disaster area expressing sympathy and solicitude for, extend aid actively.
In donate ceremonially, aluminous company look forward to is in charge of department head Wang Chunsheng in (right 3) , Yang Chao of general manager of Yun Tong group (right 4) wait for industry leader to represent this group to contribution of disaster area of earthquake of meeting manage county 1 million yuan.