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Science and technology created violet Jin Wangmin to inspect Zhijinshan gold cop
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On September 7 morning, wang Min of undersecretary of ministry of land natural resources is in all right province, city, county of leaders of all levels accompany next heading for survey of Zhijinshan gold copper mine. Zou Laichang of group company senior vice president, mine of copper mine of group company vice president, gold grows Chen Jiahong to wait accompany survey group development the manufacturing a gleam of such as stope of open air of golden copper mine makes an on-the-spot investigation on the spot.
Producing the spot, wang Min's undersecretary understood the manufacturing situation of golden copper mine in detail, enquired conformity of authority of Zhijinshan periphery mine and geology look for a collier to make. Face dimensions the stope of golden mine open air of baronial, of great momentum, country " 915 " spark science and technology tackles key problem project -- biology of Zhijinshan copper mine carries copper to pile dip field, see violet gold the develops change and indefatigable enterprising exploration drive of change quickly, understanding produces the grade that encircle mine to reduce 0.2 × 10-6 to golden mine, selected grade has ore only when 0.6 × 10-6, survey group group is used integratedly to the resource of violet gold express gratified with admiration.
Height of Wang Min's undersecretary was sure violet gold is in in last few years the delectable achievement that innovation of science and technology, enterprise and society coordinate development, safe environmental protection and geology to look for each respect such as mine to obtain. Hope violet gold continues to increase geological and integrated research and geological prospect strength at the same time, strive for mine searchs to be able to have major breakthrough in Zhijinshan ore field, fill home does not have the blank of world-class copper mine.