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Company of golden plain group discovers cupreous nickel field in wine spring
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The tough effort that through Jinchuanji branch of nodulizing hill project comes to two many years, recently, this company is in wine spring ascertain bed of one copper nickel. This is Jinchuanji not only the major breakthrough that round company exterior geology seeks a collier to make, and the mark is worn strategy of natural resources of this company country obtained remarkable result, according to the need that resource develops, mining area construction develops the job to already began to start.
Company of golden plain group according to " edge development, achievement of qualitative exploration of margin spread earth " overall train of thought, according to exterior resource preferential development, lengthen golden plain mine to serve the principle of fixed number of year, the decision takes the lead by mine project branch, group of mining area project, program develops the unit such as branch department of ministry, mine to cooperate closely, the early days technology that undertakes the project is built proves the job; Do 3 works such as reconnaissance of construction of very compensatory exploration, hydrology and feasibility research and initial design with all one's strength. Branch of requirement mine project, mechanism is departmental at the same time the door wants clasp, make ore deposit meticulously inside authority area advocate the working plan that periphery of department of ore body dark side develops geological exploration, facilitate enlarge exploration achievement further.
According to circumstance of mining area resource, abide by environment of resource conservation, protection, realize the principle that develops scientificly, the capacity that the company decides 3000 tons to first phase builds ore of the processing that press day, the form a complete set of the design of the project, construction and main facility will take superabundant land, handle ore 5000-6000 according to day ton ability arrangement. Meanwhile, this company will organize relevant technology personnel to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation to domestic congener mine as soon as possible, it is science, reasonable, concentrated construction new mining area to offer thereby draw lessons from experience, decide to take powerful technology step, be more than the resource of 0.2% to undertake mineral separation flow experiments to nickel grade, be more than the resource of 0.3% to have industrial test to nickel grade, of utmost raise resource to use a level integratedly. It is reported, this mining area head period devoted capital 900 million yuan, basically use at mine development, choose factory and infrastructure construction. The development of wine spring municipal Party committee, municipal government to this bed, showed great enthusiasm, express to will take active and significant move, ground of do one's best creates favorable external environment, realize ground look forward to hard double win an objective.