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Percent of pass of Wu Shan project amounts to golden group in 100% will be home
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On September 1, the reporter builds case of exert of black of group of project quality management and gold of construction technology China to spit project of mine of hill copper molybdenum to communicate the know on the meeting from industry of 2008 China nonferrous metal, wunuge says project of mine of hill copper molybdenum (project of hill of black of the following abbreviation) winter construction percent of pass is amounted to 100% , good rate is amounted to 91.8% , obtain nonferrous metal industry to build project quality to supervise the high evaluation of terminal.
According to president of company of mining industry of Inner Mongolia of Chinese gold group Zhao occupies national introduction, value of economy of black hill project and social influence are tremendous. Black hill project is Chinese gold group in new start last time the project with sexual the biggest investment, be with Hu Lunbei Er implements the strategy collaboration, all raises fund the source conformity, major project that accelerates an industry to upgrade. Target of quality of black hill project is a country high grade project. Current, first phase project has entered installation to debug level.
As we have learned, condition of nature of area of place of black hill project is extremely abominable, annual frost-free period is only 80 days, year average air temperature is 2 Celsius 0 times, average wind-force 6 class above. In process of construction of first phase project of black hill project, encounter two winter, the gold time of appropriate construction is not worth half an year. Autumn 2007, course of headquarters of black hill project considers to analyse, formulate plan of overall project network. Spend high cold area in the light of Gao Wei special climate condition, headquarters exceeds groovy thinking, exceed groovy organization, break local winter not the convention of construction, attendant grandfather road widens, foundation of be well versed in of the circuitry that face report, thick broken station is pouring etc child on the project, began multinomial technology to tackle key problem, created 42 Celsius 0 times the record of successive construction, made sure target of node of black hill project comes true quickly.
Nonferrous metal industry builds project quality to supervise Zhu Dingjin of terminal deputy head of a station to think, black hill project builds experience to be worth to learn and be popularized. He expresses, the quality catalogue bid that headquarters of black hill project makes for this project construction is to achieve a nation high grade project. For this, formulate of headquarters of black hill project the plan achieving actor with detailed and meticulous, strong maneuverability, the implementation that is the target that achieve actor from textural, system provided safeguard. Each ginseng built an enterprise to make respective quality target around catalogue mark, layer upon layer decompose, fulfil step by step, step is concrete. Man-hour is applied below atrocious weather and environment, headquarters of black hill project insists to put project quality in the first place, make scientific and reasonable the programme of construction, provide essential execution condition and safeguard, use advanced construction technology, be controlled effectively and assured the construction quality of the project. Headquarters of black hill project runs project quality the system from beginning to end, the concept of science, economy, carry out in fulfilling a process to control. In the meantime, the environment that Zhu Dingjin returns pair of black hill projects to carry out and zoology safeguard admiration have add.
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