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In gold " Wu Shan " project put into production will be home December mine of mo
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Learned from concerned respect a few days ago, company of Chinese gold group is carried out " super- groovy thinking, span type develops " the concept develops " Wu Shan " project general was in Inner Mongolia in December city of Hu Lunbei Er builds go into operation. This project is medium golden group " give priority to with gold, much metal development develops simultaneously " number one project, it is Hu Lunbei Er city and the enterprise central advances strategic collaboration, all to prepare the resource conformity, priority discipline that accelerates an industry to upgrade.
As we have learned, the project that company of Chinese gold group invests in Inner Mongolia basically has Wunuge to spit mine of gold of fosse of mine of hill copper molybdenum, long hill to transform, Chi Feng always prospect of mine of Long Qian zinc and transform the 6 big projects such as the project. "Wu Shan " the project is located in new Ba Erhu west division churchyard, mining area area 9.8 square kilometer, cupreous metal reserves 2.67 million tons, molybdenum metal reserves 540 thousand tons. Project construction cent is 3 period: First phase project always invests 2.84 billion yuan, build time limit for a project one year half, quality target is a country high grade project.
"Wu Shan " the project will build go into operation in December this year. At the appointed time, day handles ore quantity to will amount to 30 thousand tons, produce per year cupreous concentrate to contain copper twenty-five thousand nine hundred tons, molybdenum concentrate contains molybdenum 2958 tons. 2, 3 period after project building, day handles ore quantity to will amount to 120 thousand tons, become home to handle the cupreous molybdenum mine with the biggest ability.