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Ecuadorian to coloured of hill of copper of shake world tycoon seek ore deposit
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Disclose according to foreign media, the whole world is the greatest one of cupreous manufacturers Chile is state-owned cupreous company Codelco (Codelco of the following abbreviation) , one of copper mine companies with the biggest whole world Sitelada XstrataCopper of cupreous estate company (XatrataCopper of the following abbreviation) with Chinese copper hill Inc. of nonferrous metal group (000630, SZ) (coloured of hill of copper of the following abbreviation) , all expressed recently intended with CorrienteResources of business of Canadian copper mine, the project of Panantza-SanCarlos copper mine that develops in Ecuadorian south spreads out collaboration.
If this action is successful, produce what reduce cupreous hill coloured greatly cost, increase its profit.

Aim at international ore natural resources
" daily economy news " called cupreous hill coloured to confirm this one information yesterday.
Nevertheless the reporter understands since 1997, ecuadorian political situation is turbulent all the time. 10 years during, changed 7 presidents. And Ecuadorian now home, left-wing government still is not very clear to the program of cupreous industry, be in so Ecuadorian undertake investing a risk very big. Why does coloured of that copper hill risk so big risk even? The analyst thinks: "If say to be able to take this next items, the expenditure of cupreous hill coloured on manufacturing cost will be relatively less, earnings can increase. Earnings can increase..
One is not willing to disclose the say of company in-house personage of the full name: "Now company of a few copper, search resource in international home, the metropolis with should have better only goes arrange with understanding. If can be in abroad to purchase mineral products, the biggest gain can control resource independently namely, reduce the dependence to the entrance. Do not cross this Ecuadorian item, the operation of actual sex still is an unknown. The operation of actual sex still is an unknown..
For the cupreous hill coloured of resource of more to be eager to searching mineral products, ecuadorian not be sole aim. Afore-mentioned in-house personages express, the company still has a lot of intent causes in and other places of South America, Asia, bought Peruvian one office mineral products already successfully at present.
In addition, the end of the year bought the company last year Xiamen violet Jin Tongguan invests development limited company (violet Jin Tongguan of the following abbreviation) the equity of 35% . The most equity of MonterricoMetalsPLC of enterprise of copper mine of England of hold of violet Jin Tongguan. And the main asset of MonterricoMetals is his wholy-owned the had RioBlanco copper that is located in Peruvian north - molybdenum mine. According to MonterricoMetals company website public data shows, this mine is the whole world is the greatest did not develop copper mine resource.

International tycoon eye covetously
The company that cooperates this with CorrienteResources of business of Canadian copper mine of purpose besides cupreous hill coloured, additionally two competitors are the cupreous estate magnate with famous international. Show according to relevant data, the cupreous output of Chile is the world all the time the first, this country year of crop last year achieved 5.6 million tons. And regard Chile as Codelco of the biggest cupreous estate firm, the cupreous output last year (the output that does not comprise ElAbra inside) be as high as 1.583 million tons. Another competitor, keluyifu calls the official of presiding battalion transport of international tycoon XstrataCopper the company 2007 cupreous output near 1 million tons, and the company is in charge of high ever also expressed before this, company plan future produces per year copper the quantity rise inside 5 years one times reach 2 million tons.
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