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Singapore legislation control abandons cupreous iron business
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In recent years, because cupreous iron price rises ceaselessly, in Singapore copper iron the theft record of metal is uninterrupted also grow in quantity, adopting measure actively to strengthen pair of secondhand goods business about the branch supervise and manage, the hope is on guard from fountainhead put an end to this kind is malfeasant. As we have learned, singapore Home Office already began to edit concerned act -- , law of secondhand goods trade, with controlling the business that abandons the metal such as old copper iron with control strictly. Metal theft case is cruel add   in recent years, there is reductive tendency as a whole in the case of of all kinds theft of Singapore happening, but the theft record amount of concerned metal is cruel however add, happened 1092 cases last year only, increase 566 cases than the year before last year, amplitude exceeds one times, have about 13 only among them. The case of 6% is succeeded to detect. Rise ceaselessly as cupreous price especially, the theft record amount that involves cupreous product increases very quickly. Police data shows, 200 when was captured last year suspects that involve theft metal basically are the male that interpose reachs 40 years old at 20 years old, their majority is the person that do not have course of study or be engaged in the physical labor such as industry, bldg. , have a Singaporean among them, also have a foreigner. To answer the guilty trend of constant change, singapore Home Office ever revised law of secondhand goods trade for many times. Last year the beginning of the year, singapore Home Office studies what the law basically pays close attention to to edit is the electronic product such as computer of mobile phone, notebook and MP3 player, because these products often are passed by pilfer at that time,secondhand goods business has business. Last year in November, singapore Home Office puts forward restudy to edit again law of secondhand goods trade, often will be made by the copper of theft of late electrical wiring and cable in including the secondhand goods that gets decretal control list, control the business of old copper iron strictly, with theft of keep within limits private metal is mixed of communal metal facilities malfeasant. Recently, home Office puts forward this law to want to have more and detailed regulation again, be like go up in the net buying and selling is secondhand the person of commodity is labelled must file patent and those who get decretal control " secondhand goods business " , because trade on Singapore net,also be a channel of burglar disposal of stolen or contraband goods. New castigatory law will " secondhand goods business " the definition expands, the purpose is to should make clear the person that has business on the net, likewise responsible the spoil that ensures trading article does not involve bandits. Each buying and selling needs to record the law with   existing basis in detail, when police comes to check, secondhand goods business needs to show only trade record can. Once new castigatory law is passed and become effective, secondhand goods business is when the metal such as iron of old copper of buying and selling, must trade to be recorded in detail for every, write down next buying data of the home and the capacity that sell the home, merchandise and price. These records must save 5 years, refer at any time execute the law personnel examination. To assuming this responsibility or the secondhand goods business that buy stolen goods with one's eyes open, will get more severe penalty. Additional, execute the law the secondhand goods business that personnel also has authority to arrest any likelihoods to be suspected of trading illegally on the spot when coming to check. Jia Daxing's lawyer is being accepted when interviewing, think, if the metal such as cupreous iron gets decretal control, secondhand goods business is in when buying cupreous iron, the merchandise data that has to carry sacrificial vessel system and other trade detail. These records will be old to the job of police helpful, police can find out the whereabouts of article of have things stolen from inside these data. Additional, according to new law, if article antecedents is doubtful, secondhand goods business is responsible inform against relevant seller. If secondhand goods business is offended because of be afraid of,do not wish to inform against a suspect, he can reject to buy their goods at least, such meetings make theft person spoil is more difficult get off one's hands, also can reduce the happening of theft case effectively. See effect   occupies the report of secondhand goods trade that buys old copper ironwork at the beginning of new law try out, although the byelaw that the regulation records seller identity data is troublesome, but the chance that this can reduce them to buy stolen goods of have things stolen, they also believe new law can reduce the crime that cupreous ironwork steals effectively. A last name that runs old metal to trade Mr Zhu says, since him after recording data of all seller identity according to the requirement of police, sell in the inn that thinks of him " doubtful article " the person is really little a lot of. Past somebody ever sold lightning rod and a whole new wire in his inn, it is the spoil that comes secretly apparently. Buy goods now, make clear to the client when him when wanting the identity data record them to fall, a few clients turn around in succession leave. Mr Zhu admits to feel at the outset so do very troublesome, also affect the business, he feels this also has profit to oneself actually later, because the cause and effect of goods is very clear, if produce relevant issue, or the police searchs when coming to come, can leave out a lot of troubles.

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