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Hair change appoint will clear the high cost such as aluminous smelt and cupreou
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Chinese nation development and reform committee say, be aimed at high first quarter cost can the grim situation that the industry rebounds once more, hair change appoint will strict according to the country the regulation clears aluminous smelt and project of cupreous smelt investment, ask each district clears the development high cost that deregulation proper motion publishs can the favourable policy such as industrial land, taxation, electrovalency. Zhou Sishao late report says Xinhua News Agency, hair change appoint the requirement is right without approve, do not accord with layout of condition of industrial policy, admittance and program, did not deal with land to use procedure lawfully, the alumina that did not approve an environment to affect transaction by requirement newspaper, electroanalysis aluminous project, uniform stop build. Keep within limits plans to build alumina, electroanalysis aluminous project, what do not accord with program layout is uniform do not allow go into operation. In the meantime, increase cupreous smelt project to clear strength. High to the support that each district publishs cost can favourable policy of the industry, report cite hair changes appoint if economy runs Gu Yinsong of bureau deputy director general, express, "Once check, want to cancel instantly, do not cancel to refus, will be in in order to report media exposure. Will be in in order to report media exposure..  health? must take seriously highly since this year high cost can the issue that product production increases too quickly. At present the whole nation has 14 province to use report in order to execute power supply of linkage of hair power supply, agreement, big user to be offerred continuously, contest price gets online waited for nominal proper motion to publish pair of high cost can the favourable electrovalency measure of the enterprise. Report discloses, because the inferior alumina value inside period of time makes,electroanalysis aluminous production cost drops, together with electric power supplies tight situation to get alleviating, aluminous smelt investment rebounds strong, grow 49.3% compared to the same period first quarter, cement trade investment also grows 39.4% . Statistic shows, this year first quarter, output of countrywide crude steel grows 22.3% compared to the same period, amplitude increases 4.7 percent compared to the same period. Electroanalysis output of aluminous, alumina grows respectively 36.6% with 53.7% , amplitude rises 18.2 with 8.4 percent. Amplitude rises 18.2 with 8.4 percent..