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Rate of drawback of cupreous material exit will be moved further low
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"Domestic copper industry had saved much new increase production can, predict these yield can will erupt centrally 2007. " of the expert this is forecasted caused what ability ensures to copper mine resource inside course of study is anxious. Our newspaper learns from association of industry of Chinese nonferrous metal at the same time, to increase the exit strength that controls cupreous aluminous product, rate of drawback of cupreous material exit will be moved further low, relevant policy will come on stage formally this month. By 2005 since, international copper price goes high all the way, caused national cupreous smelt and treatment collective spread can. Although the country swims from fixed assets investment, fluctuation,the respect such as product exit limitation restrains cupreous industry to invest, but still difficult the spread that controls entire industry can be enthusiastic. Since 2000, demand of our country copper maintains year all 15% right-and-left high speed grow. Begin from 2002, our country surmounts the United States to become cupreous number one to consume a country. The metallic analyst of easy trade information thinks, industry of smelt of our country copper appears the account that produces can many dilate, it is our country copper consumes the market to pull on one hand move, because cupreous smelt industry machined 2004 ~ 2005,be on the other hand cost is higher, smelt company profit is rich and generous. According to the data that easy trade information provides, predict 2007 the end of the year, smelt of our country copper will be new increase production can 1.5 million tons. And total output of countrywide copper smeltery was 2.93 million tons 2006, this is meant smelt is new 2007 increase production can will achieve always produce can 1/3. The cupreous smelt ability that is the same as meteoric dilate and process capability photograph are compared, copper mine resource criterion have too many problems to deal with. Our country produced copper mine oneself 2005 only 650 thousand tons, cupreous concentrate is self-sufficient lead only 25% the left and right sides. The enlarge of such dimensions can, the cupreous concentrate that exceeds countrywide copper concentrate to predict to ensure ability and international market to may be offerred far is measured. Meanwhile, as a result of long-term since our country accuses force inadequacy to resource palm, bring about international the treatment cost price that tycoon of a few big copper mine is controlling copper counterpoises, our country enterprise can passive accept. Companion is produced as cupreous smelt can concentration is released, the personage inside course of study thinks consistently, go up newly to the project does not have raw material probably even because of raw material inadequacy and be forced partly unused. If cupreous smelt machines an enterprise to be supplied to obtain raw material,drive up eagerly cupreous concentrate price, price of international copper concentrate rises greatly necessarily, of final benefit is foreign trade business, of damage can be domestic company only. Investor and company of cupreous smelt treatment answer this to give enough attention. The expert is in give out remind while express, amplitude general is exported after our country moves low copper material to export drawback to lead still very big, predict the cupreous material this year exports a quantity to still will maintain growth. And the message that comes from association of industry of Chinese nonferrous metal makes clear, concerned branch is making relevant policy, what check the blind investment of smelt industry mixes copper to be imported to cupreous concentrate stoutly is excessive depend on.

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