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The letter collects put in order eastward in: Stand facing each other of cupreou
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Zhou San, domestic copper price leaves high low go, around near future low concussion, to Zhou Er drop substantially undertake adjustment. Shanghai futures exchange 0812 agreement open quotation signs up for cupreous brunt 54000 yuan, closing quotation signs up for 53350 yuan / ton, rise 170 yuan, clinch a deal measure 213500 hands, hold a storehouse to raise 2840 hands. Since this round of industry drops from 60000 yuan, hold a storehouse to increase ceaselessly, especially the price falls after defeating 55000 yuan, 0812 agreement held a storehouse to increase 46000 hands left and right sides, add on 0812 agreement from brunt chair hold bull to look, domestic copper market has not broken down. Spot market, copper of merchandise on hand of Shanghai the Yangtse River signs up for 57100 yuan, drop 750 yuan, fall after a rise of near future spot price, we reckon entrance copper enters the market to concern gradually, merchandise on hand is right the premium December 3750 yuan.
Although international money market is turbulent, stock market drops substantially, macroscopical economy anticipates not beautiful, but a few positive step that we also should see near future government is adopted, increased the bank loan specified amount of 5% to spend; Likely finance upsets a plan; Electric power supplies improve; Rebuild after calamity, and of Zhou Yi reduce loan interest rate and deposit reserve the rate demand that may spur the fourth quarter increases.

LME copper inventory reduces 1350 tons, gross 203975 tons, cancel a storehouse odd 19175 tons, cancel a storehouse sheet increases imply inventory to may decrease, premium of LME merchandise on hand 60 dollars. Zhou San, dollar index fall after a rise arrives 78.15 a little bit or so, fall after a rise of index of American Dow Jones 449 bits, investor exits finance and commodity market money market, intervening gold (information, prices) the market, crude price picks up 96 dollars, LME foundation metal drops generally, the closing quotation inside field of price of 3 months copper signs up for 6760 dollars, drop 110 dollars, cupreous price has certain support between 6500-6800 dollar, and cupreous price picks up again only over 7200 dollars, ability casts off current weak situation situation.

WBMS Zhou San says, copper of 1-7 month whole world supplies breach this year 18000 tons, the corresponding period was shortage last year 261000 tons, output of copper of fine of 1-7 month whole world ten million six hundred and sixteen thousand tons, grow 2.1% , global 1-7 month consumes 10.63 million tons, glide compared to the same period 0.2% .