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Revive content futures: Cupreous city can be defended short-term prop up not all
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LME3 lunar period copper drops 110 dollars, sign up for every tons 6, 760 dollars, dish in low see 6, 725 dollars approach the low of 8 months. Stock falls 1350 tons, reach two hundred and three thousand nine hundred tons, premium of merchandise on hand is 46 dollars. LME aluminous stock soars once more 88, 675 tons, reach 1.33 million tons. Be a burden on aluminium of 3 lunar period touchs 8 months low 2, 492 dollars, receive a reply 2, 500 dollars, drop 37 dollars.
Can say, these days global economy swaying in the midst of a raging storm, money market crisis 4 bend over, market person enrages be thwarted, of all kinds fund withdraws from commodity market in succession. Price of human relations copper approached 8 months low last night, but can defend it seems that short-term low prop up, solid belong to not easy. 6700-6800 dollar / ton be in some to prop up, but this is short-term, flimsy only, we do not have a change to the drops greatly finally view of cupreous city, the target is controlled in 5000 dollars.

Recently, because the financial situation of the dollar is disturb, and have more uncertainty, consequently of the dollar strong should turn to adjust level again, this meets what bring level sex to primary market prop up probably, but also be short-term merely prop up, have the possibility that continues to drop at any time, what doesn't bull have to imagine consequently.

(Ji Ming of investment research department)