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Futures of Xin country couplet: International finance is queasy as before, cupre
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Queasy aftereffect did not make the same score international money market, beautiful couplet store note endowment group of international of deliverance United States, take over international famous insurance tycoon, market panic mood has add without decrease, investor avoids in succession invest gold nearly (information, prices) , view economy weak potential already became Dan Hong finality, global economic depression will cause slow down in demand, congenial capital continues to withdraw heavy goods, price of crude oil period falls defeat to take commodity of other of be a burden on continuously situation, thinking of cupreous price nominal is changeless.
But the data that near future WBMS publishs shows global 1-7 month somewhat insecurity is 18 thousand tons, basically be global economic depression, spur slow down in demand, the mainest is China this " elephant " pull hard move consumption to rise, make the whole world supplies incline to balance with nervous copper originally. And the insecurity of domestic merchandise on hand, also make merchandise on hand right the premium of brunt agreement achieved 3500 yuan, because the goods of trafficker passes the time ability of 2 months to reach home commonly, that is to say domestic be in short supply alleviates hard before October is medium.

Operate a proposal: As a result of the crisis that at present international money market causes, commodity drops gate already all fronts is opened, carry metaphase nominal idea, but alleviate hard before October is medium in view of domestic be in short supply, fight drop drop in the process, sky of appropriate light storehouse is odd, await a technology to defeat hind add cast.

Analyst: Tian Lichao