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Futures of the East China Sea: Cupreous aluminous zinc dish before comment 0918
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Liu Yun: Zhou Sanhu metal goes up drop differ, shanghai aluminium continues to lose situation explore is low, shanghai copper zinc maintains concussion. Premium of 1300- of premium of Shanghai copper merchandise on hand 1500 yuan / ton, suffer agreement of month of merchandise on hand to change month of effect; Period copper inside and outside dish real time rate of exchange 7.81. Cu0812 short-term resistance 55000; Zn0812 short-term resistance 14200; Al0812 short-term resistance 16300.
Zhou San LME is basic the metal continues weak force drops, period aluminium inventory increases other market considerably bear pressure. Inventory of copper of Zhou San LME reduces 1350 tons to reach 203975 tons; Aluminium soars 88175 tons reach 1329325 tons, zinc decreases 125 reach 157900 tons. London copper drops 40 receive 6795 dollars / ton, aluminium drops 22 close 2510, zinc drops 42 close 1705 (with before trade day of Beijing 15 Shi Hujin belongs to closing quotation hour to contrast) . On the technology, human relations copper is short-term obstruction 7000; Human relations aluminium is short-term obstruction 2560; Lun Xin is short-term obstruction 1750.
At present slack of money market popular feeling, worry of basic metal demand and integral finance are queasy preference of other investor risk drops and cut commodity futures position. On the operation, aluminous empty sheet has set Shanghai to stop be filled with hold, shanghai copper empty sheet notices to stop be filled with, shanghai zinc maintains concussion.