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One heart futures: Money market is turbulent push low copper price
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Zhou San, london metal bourse (LME) and Comex (price of COMEX) period copper continues to close low. Copper received LME finally at 6795 dollars in March / ton, relatively go up to trade day drops 50 dollars / ton, drop for 0.73% . Market personage thinks of money market queasy continue to push low copper price.
Whole money market appears big queasy. Of afterwards Lei Man's brother go bankrupt, American bank buys AIG of group of international of bank of United States forest, United States to appear collect money after the problem, zhou San, magenshidanli mixes the tycoon of two wall street that the United States puts only to fill a group high to also appear problem, drop respectively 24% with 14% . Zhou San, american stock market steeps fall, index of road industry fining jade weighs defeat about 450 a little bit, nasdaq index urgent defeat is made an appointment with 5% , the most miserable day since assaulting incident for 911 horror.

Of money market queasy the sentiment that increased investor to hate a risk.

Zhou San, american Department of Commerce is announced, classics is seasonal after the element is adjusted, number of start working of new August house declines 6.2% , for the lowermost level since January 1991.

Zhou San, world Bureau of Metal Statistics (WBMS) expresses, of before this year 7 months of global copper city supply breach to be 18 thousand tons, go up breach of year of the corresponding period it is 261 thousand tons.

Zhou San, LME copper inventory reduces 1355 tons to 203, 957 tons, still be since March 2007 exalted. LME copper inventory breaks through 200 thousand tons and appear last rise prices, go to the price situation is extremely adverse.

On the technology, from all in light of line index, short period and long cycle all the line all maintains good nominal to arrange. Look from configuration, period copper is walked out of perfect " M " support and continue be issued to lower levels, eye scalar potential can be calculated for 6000. Look from technical index, column line of green appears on MACD index, and DIFF and DEA die in 0 axes lower part continue after fork be issued to lower levels. Weak momentum still is maintained on the technology.

On the operation, maintain nominal train of thought, careful operation.

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