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Stride division futures: Financial crisis pervades, cupreous city continues to d
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the panic of money market of 3 United States continues to pervade, investor continues undersell finance your path points to steep fall more than 4% , achieve piece new low. The road appears investigation to say investor gets lost cash and bond in succession (information, prices) , undersell risk kind asset, commodity money market also clears in fund venture capital. This financial concussion of Zhou Fasheng is not an accident to be deepened below big setting of crisis of banking of global economic depression however, it is its to the concussion of hypostatic economy far-reaching influence, and financial level looks, those who bring about investor to remove defection to cause the price from the venture capital that includes goods inside considerably fall after a rise, empty to commodity price advantage.
Human relations copper concussion drops yesterday, period price closes at 6800 under, although early now an electron dish suffer crude oil to soare to affect and leave high considerably, but period price relapses test 6800 prop up and drop broken, the force propping up of this a gleam of is extremely weak already, period price is be between the beetle and the block. London inventory reduces more than 1000 tons, from inventory flow direction looks, asian inventory is poured out of, believe this is the London stock move to China, the pressure of merchandise on hand of as the implementation of the entrance translate into China. Look on the technology, cupreous price loses in 6800 a gleam of situation dish whole, prop up turn weak, drop possibly quickly at any time, next archives are the closest prop up in 6400 a gleam of, and more reliable support the low part in 7 the beginning of the year. Fall after a rise of the rate of exchange below the pressure that Shanghai copper realizes stage by stage in the entrance goes force is apparently weak Yu Lun copper, brunt agreement has fallen broken last week the low of concussion, but as a result of premium of merchandise on hand still tall period price drops still meet in the process somewhat concussion, but metaphase drops the trend is clear. On the operation, hollow hold to, the closest prop up 50 thousand a gleam of.

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