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5 mine sea is diligent: Global copper consumption glides restrain cupreous price
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Yesterday be issued to lower levels of shock of price of human relations copper, open quotation at 6844.9 dollars, highest to 6930 dollars, lowest comes 6727.5 dollars, closing quotation at 6795 dollars, drop 60.3 a little bit, hold a storehouse to reduce 7451 hands. Human relations aluminium follows human relations copper goes situation, yesterday open quotation at 2535.5 dollars, highest to 2557.5 dollars, lowest comes 2493.3 dollars, closing quotation at 2502 dollars, drop at 18 o'clock, hold a storehouse to raise 2963 hands.
On main area, the supply that WBMS announced month of 1-7 of newest whole world breach is 18000 tons, compare last year 261000 tons cut 37.5% . Of 1-7 month copper mine yield it is 8.82 million tons, glide compared to the same period 1.6% , but the output of copper of essence of life grows 2.1% to reach ten million six hundred and sixteen thousand tons compared to the same period. But the consumption of global 1-7 month glides compared to the same period 0.2% reach 10.63 million tons. Whole world of former aluminous respect is supplied superfluous 842000 tons, the corresponding period was last year superfluous 17000 tons, and 2007 of annual excess amount also has 260000 tons only. Rise agio field, shanghai copper picks up 5.5 a little bit yesterday to premium 60 dollars, human relations aluminium drops to agio 48.5 dollars. Dollar index drops 1.041 a little bit to come yesterday 78.109 closing quotation.

Look on the technology, market of human relations copper dish in drop, have the sign that bull runs away, but end dish bull force is protected dish, bull did not forgo counterattacking opportunity at this point, nevertheless the problem exposes American economy ceaselessly recently, diffuse ceaselessly to the anxious mood of each markets, and metallic market as much, diffuse everywhere in panicky heart, and the supply demand relations of 1-7 month alleviates somewhat this year, this is the main factor of price of benefit empty copper. Human relations aluminium is weak Yu Lun copper, and had dropped to early days hand in join concentrated division, because aluminous first half of the year this year city supplies the superfluous gross that superfluous Yuan Chao goes one years year, accordingly aluminous price can continue to drop, but hand in afore cast concentrated area should be adjusted once or drop trend slow down. Short line of the proposal on the operation trades